And the world trundled on

Still hiding out, but thanks to email, was able to submit a story to And working on my book and another story.

I can’t believe how many people are disregarding the warnings, especially young people. New Zealand, led by a woman, closed down right away, had few cases, and are now free of the virus, although checking everyone coming into the country. So it does work, even though some people seem to think it’s a hoax (Come on! 112,000 people dead a hoax?) or staying home and wearing masks a crock. Really!?!

In my case, since I have asthma and have been hospitalized for it, I’m not taking any chances. True, I miss my friends at my writer’s group and Celtic club, but we keep in touch through email. And I have my husband and my cat. She’s happy that we’re home all the time, always an available lap.

Enough of this ranting. I am also going through my old photos and pitching some that I can’t tell what they are or don’t mean anything, and getting them organized, putting our big trip ones in albums along with my trip journals. I started them on long bus trips in my youth, for something to do, noting interesting things I saw along the way. Buses (they are really nice, now} and trains are the way to travel. Leisurely, easy to get up and move around, and on the ground.

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