I have been away from my house. In mask and gloves, we went to Bok Tower Gardens. Few people were there, and we avoided the visitor center. Beautiful. Saw different trees, flowers, pond, and far distance. Bok is on the highest point of land in the Florida peninsula. We just wandered around, sat here and there, and took it all in. We went in the morning, before it got hot.

Another rejection, but hey, I’ll just send my story somewhere else. A few weeks ago, we had to get a new microwave (online of course) when the old one started sparking. And today we found out we need our septic drain field redone. Too many tree roots. At least, we can afford it.

Revision on my book continues. On the computer and in my mind. As for what’s going on in the world, I check the weather, my bank account, and my email every morning. Deleting most email, they mainly want money. So I keep up with the major events and ignore the rest. I donate to a few things, but have to keep an eye on my money.

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