Talk is cheap

Have you ever been writing something and come to a point where you can’t think of  what to write next? In fiction, which is what I write. I ask my main character what she’s going to do next. If the character is well-defined, she’ll tell you. This is what I do. We’ll discuss choices and she’ll decide what to do.

One time, in one of my previous books, I was setting up a scene, figuring out what I wanted to happen, when one of the characters said, “No, I won’t do that.” So I rewrote the scene. I heard her in my mind. When I looked at it, I realized that was not the sort of thing that character would normally do. So talk to your characters.

As a writer and a citizen of the world I am aghast that people want to take out the racism in Gone with the Wind. Come on, people, this is a historical novel. We need to know how things were in those days so we can see how far we’ve come. Who was it who said, those who ignore history are slated to repeat it?

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