Memory Lane in Photos

One thing I am doing to keep sane is going through my boxes of photos (hard copies), sorting them, and putting ones from our travels into trip books. A huge project, but this is the time to do it. After I put the photos in, I dig out my trip journal for that trip. If it’s too illegible, I type it up – with revisions.

I started using a digital camera around 2008, so I also have a lot of those I’m trying to put in albums in Photo. Big pain in the ass. Some many photos, date scroll is practically useless, and the arrows don’t work. Have some on One Drive, and early ones on Google drive. Have to go through, make sure their right side up, crop and adjust light as necessary. Loads of fun. And delete duplicates. Sometimes it make a copy instead of deleting, so I have to delete that.

Fighting my way through large revision of my book. One trick is, every time the character does something, ask why she did it. If it doesn’t make sense, delete it. I have a notes file where I put things I need to delete but don’t want to lose. Also, I’ve started another short story.


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