This new editor totally sucks! They say you can get the old one back in admin, but I can’t find it. This is all I need on this bad day. No, I don’t have the virus, and my house didn’t bun down. I’m still here, typing away, because I can’t not write. Not spell, maybe, but at least I can correct that.

I found a great site for writers, It has all sorts of helpful hints sent in by members, and you actually get paid for every click on something you send in and they accept.

One problem with writing science fiction in the near future is if some big thing, like the coronavirus, comes along while you are writing it, you have to adjust your story to take in accounts of the effects of it. For example, if you are writing a story set in Los Angeles in 2030 and the San Andreas fault lets go and destroys the city, you will have to rewrite your story to account for that, or set it somewhere else. That’s why I like to place my stories on other worlds. I don’t have to worry about what happens to this one.

My husband is writing a story set in northern California in 2049, so he’ll have to put in something about the virus. He’s only on the first draft, so we’ll worry about that later.

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This is what I wrote last week. Doing much better this week. See if it goes this time.

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