Troubles come in Threes

One day I logged on and none of my passwords (except the one to get into my computer) would work. Couldn’t get into my bank account, my email, Facebook. Finally able to access email by changing password, but it took three phone calls and a trip to the bank to get that one. Made new password, the site wouldn’t accept it, repeat, repeat.

This did not help my writing, although I had no trouble getting into Word.

Then and before, septic problems. A month ago drainage problems, tank was full, Called the people who installed it when the house was built, they said we needed a new drainfield, ours full of roots. A month and $8000 later and six trees in front gone, dirt lawn, we have a new drain field. Also not conducive to writing.

I sent the first several chapters to my sister who gave me some suggestions. I miss my critique group, we are waiting for the librar to allow us to use their room again. Did a lot yesterday.

Oh, yes, the third thing is all those tropical storms/hurricanes out there. Sooner or later, one of them will come our way.

Can’t find where to get photos.

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