I have finished my latest run though on my book. Next will be reading it aloud. This is a must for writers. So often, when you read aloud, you hear something off that you can’t see when you read it silently. If you feel self-conscious about it, hide somewhere where no one can hear you. If this is not possible, whisper it under your breath.

It’s a bright, sunny not-quite-so-hot day down here in Florida. I’m thinking about a getaway. I haven’t been anywhere since June. Not really cabin fever because I have so much to do here, but…. Anyway, here’s a funny.

‘Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say, close enough.’ Amen.

Things are starting to look up. I’m beginning to see the end of my edits and thinking about publishers, the virus rate is calming down, we’ve lucked out so far as far as hurricanes go. I feel for the people on the Texas/Louisiana coast. I had to deal with a flooded house once. Not fun at all.

Still can’t get photos. Found classic but no media icon.

Til next time.

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