What I Most Regret About Climbing A Mountain

It wasn’t the climb.

Have you ever been on an overnight hike?

I did, in my teen church group. We hiked up to a high valley to camp, and after supper, several of us hiked up to the peak. It was a beautiful moonlight night, and we could see quite a distance, but I’ve always wished I could have seen it in daylight. Next time, I’ll wait ’til morning.

Back to writing.

If you write anything, read it out loud. You’ll be surprised how many words could be replaced by a better one, or phrases that could be rewritten to sound better – or omitted altogether. This is especially true for dialog. You have to know your characters well enough so you know how they speak. Then you can catch places where you think, he doesn’t sound like that or, would she know that word.

I’ve been reading my novel out loud, and it’s amazing what I found. It does take a lot of time, however, and is hard on the voice. I have to take a lot of breaks. Even finding missed quotes and other minutia. Anybody who thinks writing is easy, is dead wrong.

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