Virtual Conventions are Different

The other weekend we went to our annual October science fiction convention virtually. Usually it is held in Tampa, but because of Covid19, Necronomicon went virtual. It was an interesting experience.

The pros are not having to travel or pay for a hotel room. Plus the con was free. We could sit at home in front of the computer and participate in panels or events, or just watch. And when there was a break in events we wanted to partake of, we just turned away and were home, to do whatever we needed or wanted.

But. The down side was 1. I was not able to have a table at which I could sell my books. 2. We could not go to the con suite for nibbles whenever we felt like it. 3. We missed the atmosphere of being with others of our kind. Going back and forth from room to con suite to dealers room to panels rooms and running into people we know. Of course there were options to talk to other fans, but talking to a face on a screen is not the same as talking to someone in person.

I’m getting close to the end of my reading aloud pass through my book, then I will deal with the problems my sister found. She’s a writer and my first reader. Maybe I’ll get it into the hands of a publisher this year.

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