Virtual Cons part two

This past weekend my husband and I went to two different conventions while staying home together. I went to the Florida Writers Association annual convention normally held in Orlando, and Greg went to Conclave, a science fiction literary convention normally held near D.C.

I sat in my room at my computer, and he sat in his room with his computer. When one or both of us had a break, no panels or events we wanted to ‘attend’, we were back home to do whatever we needed to do. Saturday night I had no events so I cooked dinner and took his into his room because he had a panel or reading. Then we would compare notes.

We didn’t have to waste any time traveling, to the con or from our room to the convention center. In some hotels. it was a long walk. We still did our at home exercises (I walk/run around the outside of our house three times, for one exercise.) plus our regular tasks.

And writing. My line by line edit has turned into major rewriting in places. My sister has the final section (before the rewrite). After you start self editing, always give your piece to a valued first reader (or beta reader as some call it) before you send it out. New eyes see things your familiar eyes don’t. because your brain tells you what you think you’re reading, not what’s actually on the page.

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