7 Ways to Polish Your Manuscript

  1. Rewrite your first draft a few times.
  2. Give it to someone else to read and critique.
  3. Look at every place they made a comment or suggestion and rewrite if you think it works for your story. Remember, this is your story, not theirs.
  4. For a novel, go through and make a brief list of what happens in each chapter. This way you can see any repeats, or conflicting events.
  5. Make any corrections.
  6. Go through the ms line by line, checking spelling, right word, phrasing.
  7. Print it out, put it aside for a few days, then sit and read it straight though. Does your story read smoothly, are events in correct order, does anything feel off.

I just finished number 7 and will go back through to correct several little typos and a few other things. Then I will email my publisher.

Be aware; you will never catch all the typos. Every book I read has one or two that were not caught.

It’s November and the beast is still here, still growing, and I’m still stuck at home. I did go to the library the other day, in my mask and gloves. Nice to get out occasionally. But no meetings yet. I’ve signed up for SyFy Bartow, which is an outdoors scifi event for book signing next February. And I got my flu shot.

We do what we can, what we have to. We should all have super clean houses by now. And there’s always libraries. Besides books and magazines, they also have dvds and cds, and some, like mine, have jigsaw puzzles you can borrow, work, and return. My library does not have a specific return date, because it can take a long time to work a big puzzle.

Be safe, stay well, and enjoy nature wherever you can.

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