Merry Christmas to You

Happy holidays is so blah. Also Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Whatever else you celebrate.

Did you know the Christmas tree originated in Germany in the late 600s? It is said that a British monk was preaching to a group of German druids. To show them the oak tree was not sacred, he chopped it down. It fell on other trees, leaving only a small fir standing. The monk called it a miracle, to convince the druids, and said, “Let us call it Christ’s tree.”

In the fifteen hundreds, the protestant Martin Luther first added candles to a tree, after homemade decorations appeared earlier. In the 1700s, the Christmas trees spread to the rest of Europe and beyond, brought to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Santa Claus is descended from Saint Nicholas. a real person born in Turkey in the early 300s. He became a bishop, was quite generous, and loved children. He became the patron saint of children. He created a tradition of bringing gifts to children on Christmas feast day. He rode on a donkey.

When the Dutch came to America, they called Saint Nicholas ‘Sint Nikolass’ which became ‘Sinterklass’, which soon became Americanized to Santa Claus. They also brought the custom of putting out a wooden shoe filled with straw for the donkey, which was replaced with little gifts from Saint Nicholas. Americanized again, they became stockings hung by the chimney. Stockings held more.


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