Have you been vaccinated?

We have, and it’s taken a weight off our minds. My husband no longer gets paranoid when he goes shopping, and I actually went into a store myself. The more people who get their shots, the safer all of us will be, in spite of all the misinformation floating around. Listen to the scientists, not gossip.

I feel much safer, though still have to be careful, enough that we went for a weekend at the beach, to just relax. I’m a beach gal at heart, grew up in Sothern California, and missed the beach enormously. I’d got to the point I could hardly do anything, but now I’m back.

I’ve signed and returned my contract for my next book and have started actually writing another. Always one more. Can’t write just one. Although Margaret Mitchell did. Gone with the Wind.

I’m actually spending more time on my husband’s book, typing and editing, printing and matching it to the computer version, making a list of chapters, always useful for a novel. Give you an easy list too look at, when printed out, to see if you have them in the right order, not duplicated or something missing. For that, he cooks dinner four times a week.

Photo by b. on Pexels.com

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