Does Your Computer Hate You?

Does your computer balk when you’re trying to get something important done, or have a deadline? Does it just sit there and ignore your taps, ever though you shut it down and rebooted it? Do you want to throw it out the window but you can’t because you NEED it? Yes, I’m considering getting a new computer.

Welcome to the world of computers. I’m just ranting. Why do they keep making them more difficult to use? The improvements don’t make it easier, either. I want the
old editor back. This one sucks big time.

Enough of that. As the year oozes on… Working on the new book and on Greg’s book Spending too much time puzzling. Yard is growing, mostly all by itself. This happens here in Florida. Going to our writers’ group again. Nice, except we have to wear masks in the library, where we meet.

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