Humpty Dumpty had a great fall — no that was me. Slipped on rain-slick driveway. Don’t do this, not fun. I was lucky, no broken bones or teeth.
Three reasons to not fall on your face.
1. It hurts. A lot. For days and days.
2. It messes up your mouth so you can’t eat. Which may be a good thing, if you’re overweight. I could afford to lose a few pounds. Went to my dentist, no major damage.
3. It keeps you home. Who wants to go out with a raccoon face with a beard and mustache? Of bruises.

Fortunately, my retired PT husband picked me up, bandaged me, and gave me lots of TLC. Several days later, I can bite soft stuff, like bread, and chew. I ate a lot of ice cream the first few days. Another tiny plus.

Still waiting to hear from my publisher. Still writing. MY husband finished his, so no more typing for a while. Now comes editing and rewriting.

Hurricane season is here in Florida. Elsa will be here tomorrow. We’ll be ready. Surprising, how many aren’t.

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