New Book, New computer, New Year

I’m looking out my window at a sparkling lake beyond a few trees, native greenery, and my husband pulling weeds down at the beach. Typical sweater weather in Florida, a bright day in the upper 60s.
My latest book, Bubbles of Time, is out, though I haven’t received my copies yet.

It is available on Amazon as hard copy and ebook. I have to pinch myself, have I actually written five novels? Created these stories out of my own mind?

Amendment; I received my books but they were printed from a previous draft, not the one with my last corrections. And I thought the year was off to a good start. Anyway, I emailed my publisher, and he will correct it. 2021 was a weird year, yet we did manage to do some some travelling.

After two shots an a booster, we managed to get on a cruise to the eastern Caribbean before the virus spiked on cruise ships. Cruising is my favorite way to travel, even though we had to wait an hour in line to go through all the boarding hoops. Unpack once, great food we couldn’t afford in a restaurant with a chance to try new foods, and when I feel the movement of the ship, I feel connected to the Earth that is all of us.

Our train ride to D.C. rocked more than the cruise ship. All we can do is live day to day and always wear a mask out. Every day I’m thankful I made it through the previous one. My new book is coming along. Ping, furred humanoid alien, is trying to warn her fellow citizens about the disrepair their underwater habitat is in, but the ruling chiefs refuse to recognize the evidence. First, they were on Peace, the world of my previous characters, now they have been moved to a parallel world.

I have learned much about writing, including this. You must learn the rules, but once you are familiar with them, you can bend them. They are not all set in stone, as some would have you think. My writers group will meet Thursday evening for the first time in three weeks. The library where we meet was closed the day before Christmas and New Year’s. It will be good to see them again. I wish everyone a better year this year.

I apologize for being so late in posting this, but life keeps happening. Will be updating my site soon. Stay tuned.

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