Hope for a new world

When this is all over, and it will be, the world will be changed. How, I don’t know, but hopefully for the better. For now, it’s check every morning to see what happening in the world and what the bloviator in chief is up to.

For me, us, it’s another day in sunny Florida. I do my assigned (by me) tasks in the morning, write in the afternoon, read in the evening. Getting through several books a week. We have a large library so plenty to read or reread. Just got two books my critique friends published. Song in a Box by Paul S Moore, and Shadow Bayou by Suzanna Myatt Harvell, a mystery set in New Orleans.

Meanwhile I am approaching the end of my latest epic. How do you move two colonies, one human and one humanoid alien, to another human world without spaceships? Still not satisfied with the ending. But I’ll keep working on it.


My sister’s dog Jazzy.