Marisa’s World

Marisa’s mindTalent, far beyond anyone else’s of her clan, is driving the community of Terrans and Bramites apart. The Terrans are forced to build a new settlement, Freedom One.

Although Marisa, daughter of Perri, sees herself as the leader of her clan at the tender age of seventeen, she also feels a sense of disconnect, of being an outsider, of not belonging.

With help from her equine companion, the quine Qione, Marisa goes through a Gate to other worlds, searching for a life she cannot find at home.

Marisa meets Roroy, a male of another humanoid species, and together they search for a new world for her people. When they discover one, she leads her clan through the Gate in several trips to Freedom Two on Peace.

However, as the clan settles in, Marisa becomes aware of an even greater danger.


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