Perri’s Gates

Sixteen-year-old Perri is having problems controlling her mindTalent. She and her twin, Peter, are the first-born of their generation in their family of Talent, in the Colony of River Point, on the world of Harmony. The family lives with several hundred Bramites, humanoid people whom Lyn, Perri’s mother, had rescued from their dying world.

When Perri discovers a Gate to other worlds, she and her elders must devise a way to protect their home.

After meeting an alien, a robot captures Peter and takes him to another world. Perri must follow him through the Gate to find him and bring him home.

But there is no safety back on Harmony. Two illnesses, inadvertently brought back by the twins, sweep the colony. Another alien arrives and forces many people, mostly Bramite, to go with him through the Gate.

Finally, pregnant Perri is faced with the Gatekeepers themselves.

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